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UdioSwim is dedicated to simplifying everyday business tasks so you can focus on growing your swim club. Our aim is to provide you with the best swim school software to help you achieve professional success. As a result, UdioSwim is a turnkey solution that revolutionises the way you do business.

Why We Built UdioSwim

To support the unique needs of your school, the platform was created in collaboration with swim club owners and managers who have over 40 years of experience.

Our team, part of UdioSystems, was formed to solve a specific problem in the swimming industry. In 2012, swim schools expressed the need for a more sophisticated software their customers and staff could use to perform admin tasks at their convenience.

Using UdioSwim App in Swimming Lessons

We looked for flexible operational solutions but found none existed. We then partnered with Australia and New Zealand’s leading swim schools to create the best swim school software on the market. It was important to build a system that served businesses and their students, while remaining agile for future development. The result was a cost-effective platform that has proven to positively benefit swim schools.

UdioSwim solved the problems of increasingly long admin hours, manual payments, disorganised processes and limited functionality. With UdioSwim all you need to do is focus on what you do best, while the software automates almost everything else.

UdioSwim Expansion

From its inception, UdioSwim was driven by innovation, service and support. In 2014, we rolled out our first operational business module to all State Swim schools across Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. The customer portal was successfully launched the following year. By 2017 more features were added, enhancing the connection between businesses and students.

Swim schools began to:

  • Significantly reduce their admin hours
  • Lower outstanding fees by 4.5%
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 15%
  • Boost the efficiency of fee collections, with 87% of customers now using the secure online payment options
  • Grow school holiday programs by 212%

The UdioSwim Difference

The key to our success in providing the best swim school software is you. We are guided by invaluable feedback from our clients and regularly update our software to work with every part of your swim school. Close affiliations with the Aquatic Education Industry mean we’re able to implement features specifically configured to swim schools.

Our aim is to simplify your swim school operations through efficient management and automation of repetitive tasks. UdioSwim is a dynamic resource that can scale with your business success. As your swim school develops so does our platform. Our mission is to radically reduce your stress by simplifying your operations. We believe business ventures should be driven by passion. But work overloads often leave us exhausted and resenting the process. UdioSwim is fulfilling this mission by resolving the challenges of legacy platforms and navigating the right features for your business.

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